Organic Photodetectors in Retinal Implantables and Eye-like cameras

At TNO (Thesis)

Your Background

You are an ambitious and creative Masters student from Applied Physics, Physical Chemistry or Nanoscience, with both scientific and practical skills. You have good communication skills in English and you are able to work both independently and as part of a team.

Project description

The first research project aims to make sub-retinal implants for the blind. The implantable consists of a two-dimensional array of organic photodetector on a very thin plastic film. The photodiodes convert pulsed near-infrared light into photocurrent pulses that electrically stimulate neurons. Depending on the background of the candidate and the exact timing of the internship, the student will work on optimizing the photodiodes in terms of spectral response or output voltage or characterize the photodetector (time response, lifetime).This project is carried out together with the Technical University of Eindhoven.


The second project aims to realize stretchable arrays of organic photodetectors. Made in planar mesh layouts with conventional techniques, the photodetector arrays are deformed and transferred onto a hemisphere, mimicking the facet eye of insects. Focal point of this project will depend on the interests of the student. It can be more towards the fabrication part of the mesh structure (plus its mechanical behavior). Then, the candidate will make a model that gives accurately the positions of photodetectors on the hemisphere, and validate this model by experiments and finite element analysis. The project can also be more geared towards the optimization of the (semitransparent) photodetector. Then, the optical aspects will be of paramount importance.

Your Tasks
  • Literature research to provide you with the required theoretical background

  • Device fabrication, characterization and optical/mechanical modeling

  • Participation in group meetings providing feedback, discussing results and proposing solutions to the various challenging aspects of the project

  • Dissemination of results through presentations and a final written report

Your Profile

You are an ambitious Masters student from mechanical engineering, electronic engineering or applied physics with both scientific and practical skills. You have good communication skills in English and you are independent but also a team player.

Duration of these projects will be 6 months or more. If you are looking forward to work in a challenging atmosphere with highly skilled co-workers then send your CV to us.


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