Laboratory & Cleanroom Facilities Manager

At TNO (Job)

You will become responsible for the operation of the state-of-art technological heart of the department where you enable the department to make the difference in process technology (on foil), system integration, and electrical engineering.

TNO at Holst Centre works with a range of thin-film technologies, originally developed for display and consumer electronics applications, that have very interesting potential in the large societal challenges in expanding healthcare and the energy transition. In the fast-growing technology domains of Biomedical Electronics and Energy Technologies, TNO at Holst Centre develops optical and ultrasound imaging technology for improved cancer proton therapies as well as improvement in stroke diagnostics and remediation. In key enabling technologies for the energy transitions, TNO at Holst Centre develops battery technology storage for electricity as well as key components for electrolyser technology to enable the hydrogen economy and a sustainable chemical industry.


To research and develop new functional devices for aforementioned applications, TNO at Holst Centre maintains state-of-the-art (cleanroom) facilities to perform experimental R&D with thin film and printing technologies that include e.g. spatial ALD, (PE)CVD, evaporation, sputtering and lithography, as well as screen printing, laser-based printing and die transfer technologies. With the changing scope from displays and consumer electronics towards biomedical and energy applications, the employed process technology is evolving to accommodate for the realization of thicker film and higher aspect ratio material structures, i.e. from thin film / printed electronics into 'hybrid thin/thick film' technology. Accordingly, we work on updating and upgrading our laboratories and process equipment. For example, with respect to energy applications, TNO at Holst Centre is installing a pre-pilot line for processing of energy storage components (batteries) and electrolyser prototypes.


These changes need to be managed while keeping the facilities operational and maintaining a safe working environment for process engineers and scientists of the department. Therefore, in order to direct, implement and support the changes in the facilities at TNO at Holst Centre, we are looking for a Laboratory and Cleanroom Facilities Manager to create and maintain an effective and safe state-of-the-art laboratory environment at TNO at Holst Centre.


What will be your role?

You will join TNO at Holst Centre team and become responsible for the operation of the state-of-art technological heart of the department where you enable the department to make the difference in process technology (on foil), system integration, and electrical engineering. You will be responsible for the smooth organization and operation of laboratories and cleanrooms of the department, including the installation, maintenance and removal of new and obsolete process equipment. Your daily activities will be very diverse and include day-to-day organisation and support of research and process engineering, alignment with relevant external stakeholders (equipment vendors, external installation parties, safety regulatory bodies, High Tech Campus Eindhoven representatives) You will join a diverse, international team with colleagues with multidisciplinary knowledge and know-how from a broad range of backgrounds.


Your main activities will be:

  • Co-creation, development and implementation of vision and plan for TNO at Holst Centre laboratory and cleanroom facilities including elements such as:

  • Smooth laboratory and cleanroom operation, with keen eye on safety and prevention;

  • QSHE implementation and maintenance;

  • Procurement and installation of new equipment, such as the energy pre-pilot line infrastructure;

  • Repair and maintenance strategy and implementation thereof.

  • Linking pin between TNO at Holst Centre colleagues and external stakeholders with respect to laboratory and cleanroom facilities and related QSHE topics and regulations. Stakeholders include a.o. TNO researchers and process engineers, equipment vendors, external installation parties and internal / external safety regulatory bodies.

  • Pro-actively support process engineering team with regard to operational aspects of laboratory and cleanroom facilities and process equipment, working from the principles of 'Safety, Quality & Continuity'.


What we expect from you:

  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant technical domain.

  • 3+ years' experience of performing experimental research and/or working in high tech laboratory environments, preferably in a similar role.

  • Affinity and the technical background and capabilities to understand processes and technologies at TNO at Holst Centre, i.e. knowledge of (safety of) gasses, chemicals and thin film chemical and physical processes, and of high-tech equipment.

  • Aware of / having necessary credentials with respect to legal and safety regulations surrounding chemical / physical laboratories and cleanroom facilities. Background knowledge in QSHE and quality management systems or finished safety education is a plus.

  • A drive for efficient and effective organization to unburden colleagues and maximize team output.

  • Pro-active, pragmatic and solution-driven team player with a drive for improvement.

  • Communicatively sound in English, written and speech, and able to activate (international) colleagues via informal leadership.


Join our diverse team of highly-motivated experts at Holst Centre, located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Coming from all over the world, your colleagues share a drive to develop innovative applications that improve people's vitality and well-being. Ours is a supportive environment, in which we stimulate sharing ideas and insights that may well lead to the next breakthrough in applied science.


The selection process

The selection process comprises two interview rounds. In a final meeting we will discuss the terms of employment and your tailored benefits package. We aim to finalize the entire process within four weeks. The selection process may include an online assessment and a reference check.