Researcher, Printed Sensors and Actuators

At TNO (Job)

About us

Holst Centre is an Open Innovation Research Center founded in 2005 by TNO and IMEC. It is located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, The Netherlands; a world renowned hotspot for industrial innovation. Holst Centre focuses on the development of applications using flexible electronics together with industrial, governmental, and academic partners. Flexible electronics opens the possibility of creating products that are thinner and more sustainable.

Looking towards the future

Applications such as those envisioned in robotics and healthcare will more and more require the use of flexible and stretchable electronics. This means that the research and development of the needed constituent technologies is imperative.

Within the Holst Centre, one research activity concerns the outfitting of such technologies with large-area smart sensing surfaces. These sensing surfaces are to be built upon elastomeric substrates, thus being able to conform to the complex shapes found on our bodies, robots, or on objects. They enable the human, robot, or object to sense, interact, and communicate with its surroundings.

As a researcher within the team of "Large-Area Sensors", the primary goal will be in harnessing your creativity to develop and demonstrate new sensor concepts and systems using printed electronics. These concepts are to be applied to societally relevant goals such as health monitoring. These are additive manufacturing methods that allow industry to not only limit their chemical waste, but also energy usage.


Your Tasks:

  • Take the lead in the development of novel sensor concepts.

  • Lead or co-lead industrial or governmental projects with international stakeholders.

  • Knowledge acquisition through literature survey, patent survey, discussion with other team members, and internal seminars.

  • Analysis and presentation of experimental data.

  • Documentation of results in technical reports and/or scientific publications.

  • Presentation of results to customers but also in international conferences or trade shows.

  • Mentorship of students at the master or PhD level.


Your Profile:

  • Hold a PhD in either materials science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, or related discipline with strong theoretical and experimental skills.

  • Demonstrated independence as a researcher through strong publication or patent record.

  • Excellent communication, writing, and presentation skills in English. Other language or communication skills are appreciated.

  • Ambitious, with strong initiative and self-motivation.