Erik Frijters

Biography Erik Frijters

Erik Frijters is a major and aviation medical examiner in the aviation healthcare department of the Centre for Man in Aviation of the Royal Netherlands Airforce.

After his medical studies in Rotterdam, he started his working career as a medical doctor in the Royal Airforce in 2008. There, he completed the military medical training to become a General Military Doctor. He is also a trained Aviation Medical Examiner and Aeromedivac Doctor. He was on mission in Afghanistan as an aviation medical examiner in 2011. As aeromedivac doctor he was part of the Chinook crew in Mali in 2015 and 2016.

In addition to his field experience, Frijters has been working for the Centre for Man in Aviation since 2014. Here, he is involved in flight-medical cases, training, education, research and mishap investigation. In 2018 he graduated as Master of Science in Aerospace Medicine from King’s College in London. As a PhD he is also affiliated to the University Medical Centre in Utrecht.

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