Johan Feenstra

Biography Johan Feenstra

CEO SMART Photonics

Johan joined SMART Photonics as CEO in 2019, after having served on their Advisory Board for about 3 years. At SMART, he raised close to € 50M in 2020/21 with his team to build a small-scale production line for next generation photonics chips.

Before SMART, Johan co-founded Liquavista in 2006 and is co-inventor of electrowetting displays. At Liquavista, he had a broad set of roles, ranging from CEO, to CTO and Director Program Management. Together with his team, he raised four rounds of venture capital for Liquavista and sold the company twice, in both cases to Fortune 500 companies (Samsung Electronics and

Johan received his PhD in Solid State Physics from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands in 1997

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