Marco van Hoorn


Marco van Hoorn

Marco is a multipreneur with a profound interest in electronics and digital marketing. With a commercial background, he was attracted to the industry of deep tech by venture builder HighTechXL, and spent the last 3 years industrializing a laser-based printing method.

Growing up during the transition of technology to flat-screen TVs, small personal computers, and cell phones with touch screens, Marco has always been mesmerized by the possibilities electronics could offer society. However, with entrepreneurial ambitions from a young age and interests in psychology and business, he now holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

During his time as a student, Marco got in touch with HighTechXL, where he did his internship. This period is where the puzzle pieces came together and shaped his idea for him of wanting to found a technology startup. Since September 2019, he has managed the marketing and communication, business development, and branding activities at Keiron Printing Technologies.

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