René Penning de Vries

Biography René Penning de Vries

René Penning de Vries, PhD, has been employed by Royal Philips NV and subsequently NXP Semiconductors as Chief Technology Officer and as CEO of NXP Netherlands.

Since 2012 René has taken up various public sector roles with the aim of fostering of innovation. René has acted a Chairman of various initiatives such as Dutch Digital Delta, Health Valley and the BOM.

Currently René is chair of the SVB of the St Maartenskliniek, a specialized clinic for posture and movement. Next to this, René is involved with the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen and advises the Knowlledge and Innovation Committee (KIC) in NOW.

Since early 2018, René is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PhotonDelta, which oversees the national initiative on Integrated Photonics.

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