Shaping the future together

At Holst Centre, powered by imec and TNO, it’s all about creating technology that adds to the quality of life.

We believe that flexible and wireless electronics can contribute significantly to solving the world’s biggest challenges. By offering both the technology and its integration into existing systems, we can offer a complete solution for our partners.

Founded in 2005 by imec and TNO

Holst Centre, named after Gilles Holst, a Dutch research and development pioneer and the first director of Philips Research, was founded in 2005 by leading research institutes imec and TNO. By combining valuable expertise in wireless sensor technologies and flexible electronics, our clients benefit from a unique research and innovation centre for microelectronics, currently employing over 180 specialists from 28 nations. Our partners particularly value our ability to develop demonstrators and prototypes. Building on this proof-of-concept, they turn our technologies into new products and new manufacturing processes

Be part of our open
partnership ecosystem

From multinationals to small SMEs, our innovative partners represent the complete value chain. We currently have over 50 industrial partners and more than 40 long-term funded projects in our open innovation initiatives and we are continuously looking for new companies to join.

Spin-offs and
accelerator programs

Holst Centre is successfully launching spin-offs and accelerator programs to bring innovations to the market faster, filling in gaps in the value chain, and kick-starting new ecosystems. With new deep-tech funds on the rise, the investment climate for start-ups and spin-offs has improved significantly.

Innovation only happens
at the right time and place

Holst Centre offers state-of-the-art on-site facilities and is located right at the heart of High Tech Campus Eindhoven, considered to be the smartest square kilometre in the world and the global epicentre of micro-electronics development.