Next generation electrodes for Bioelectronic Medicine applications

Student project at imec (Thesis)

Imec is currently developing the next generation of electrodes for Bioelectronic Medicine applications.

Imec – Holst Research Centre

Imec is developing the technology to fabricate the next generation of electrodes for Bioelectronic Medicine (BEM) applications. BEM is an innovating field that aspires to change the way clinicians detect and cure diseases, by replacing drugs with electrical impulses. One of BEM’s main goals is to electrically stimulate the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) and to deliver remedies while avoiding the unwanted side effects that pharmaceutical active compounds trigger inside the body. PNS plays an important role in the human physiology by connecting the brain and the spinal cord to the rest of the body and by regulating a plethora of organ and tissue functions. Therefore, the spatial selective PNS stimulation with electrical pulses, offers a targeted and personalized therapy paradigm that can act as a complement or even as an alternative to drugs. For these pulses to be efficiently delivered, implantable electrodes are typically used. One of the main technological challenges of these electrodes though, is the need to be miniaturized without losing their ability to effectively deliver charge.

In this project, miniaturized, yet highly effective, electrodes that meet the above requirements are going to be developed. Research work on the electrodes’ geometry, their fabrication approach and the used material will be carried out, focusing on the advantages that conducting polymers can offer to this task. The project’s final goal is to develop the next generation of electrodes, capable of realizing the new Bioelectronic Medicine era that lies ahead.

What will you be doing?

This project focuses on fabricating and characterizing the next generation of electrodes that can be used for Bioelectronic Medicine applications. During the project you will:

  • Review literature, design and execute experiments.

  • Use and optimize electrode existing (micro)fabrication methods.

  • Fabricate electrode prototypes and optimize their architecture.

  • Perform electrode characterization and experimental data analysis.

  • Report the results in a clear way to a multidisciplinary team.

What we do for you

You will be working in an ambitious team of researchers, engineers, and innovators active in a broad range of activities centred around Bioelectronic Medicine, in a lab located at the High-Tech Campus Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Imec the Netherlands is part of the larger Imec organization which is a world-leading R&D organization in the field of nanotechnology and electronics. We invite you to be part of our ambitious team where your ideas will have an impact on our society and our future lives.

Who you are
  • MSc student in Chemistry, Chemical or Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Applied Physics or equivalent.

  • Strong affinity with (or willing to learn) electrochemical characterisation techniques.

  • Hands-on approach in setting up and performing experiments.

  • Strong analytical skills.

  • Experience with data analysis (Matlab, Python, etc.).

  • Good written and verbal English skills.

  • Available for 6 months or longer.


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