Electrical Impedance Tomography

Student project at imec (Thesis)

What will you be doing?

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is the technique to reconstruct the image using impedance measurement. With the multiple electrodes located on the surface of the object, EIT system measures the map of impedances and estimate the internal structure of the object. This technique can be used for (bio-)medical and industrial applications.

One of the challenges in this project is to deal with multiple channels of current stimulation and impedance measurement  and long wire for connecting electrodes in the real-world applications. How to minimize the non-ideal factors of the environment is the key to implement a good EIT system.

This project aims to develop a demonstrator for Electrical Impedance Tomography using state-of-the-art IMEC’s bioimpedance chip. To achieve this goal, the student will finalize the prototype demonstrator PCB design and write SW/FW for demonstrator operation and data collection.

Student tasks: 

  • Debug / finetune and optimize the already existing demonstrator PCB design.

  • Write SW for the measurement subsystems (Imec SoC with ARM-M4 core).

  • Write SW for an SPI data controller for subsystem configuration and data readout.

  • Write PC SW (python) for data collection.

  • Create test setup for simultaneous 16 channel bio-impedance readout on phantom model.

  • Optional: chip/PCB characterization.

  • Optional: EIT image reconstruction.

What we do of you?

You will be working on cutting-edge research on a topic that is relevant to both academic and industrial research groups. To help you in this journey, we offer a flexible environment where you can be the leader of your own research while at the same time have support of experts to complete your tasks. 

IMEC has in-house experts in bioimpedance and electronics design who can help you in shaping this multi-disciplinary research project. 

Who you are
  • You are a Msc student in Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Science.

  • You have knowledge of electrical measurements and basic programming languages (python, C, C++, etc.) through course and/or project work.

  • You are excited about electronics for biomedical applications.

  • You are entitled to do an internship in the Netherlands.

  • You are self-starter and able to work independently.

  • Good written and verbal English skills.

What's in it for you?

At imec you will have a great learning experience and working at imec could be the start of your promising career, with lots of opportunities to develop yourself in different domains of our company. At imec, you work for an employer whose activities have a major positive impact on tomorrow’s society.

At imec you will be supervised by a team of experienced Researchers and you will get the opportunity to strengthen your capabilities and knowledge. We offer you a great remuneration package, including a monthly internship allowance based on educational level, during the internship. Additionally, you will get to meet a lot of other students with different cultures.


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