Ultrasound IC design for implantable nerve stimulation

Student project at imec (Thesis)


What will you be doing?

In this project, we will explore and develop analog/mixed-signal IC for implantable neural stimulation. We want to tackle the miniaturization of ultrasound electronics for efficient driving, readout and processing, enabling new horizons of experimental use and applications.

Most of the ultrasound stimulators are developed for the use outside the body, so form factor and power consumption are not constrained. But for ultrasound stimulator that can be placed close to the nerve bundle, low energy consumption and small form factor are extremely important due to the heating constraint and possible nerve damage. CMOS ASIC can directly integrate with MEMS-based ultrasound transducer (e.g. pMUT). In this project, we also want to explore ASIC-pMUT integration to boost the efficiency and reduce physical size and costs.

In this project, we will study the ASIC requirements of implantable ultrasound stimulation. We will also design and implement the pulser, beamformers etc circuits. If the development fits to the project need, there is also option to tapeout the circuit.


What we do for you

As the world-best research institute, we are the center of the excellence in nano-electronics design for Internet of Things and Healthcare applications. In this internship project, you will be working on the cutting-edge research project, under the supervision of the world-renown researchers from diverse background.  


Who you are
  • Master Electrical Engineering Background with good analytical skills.

  • Available for 12 months.

  • Good knowledge of analog integrated circuits.

  • Strong interest in biomedical applications, especially in neural interfacing.

  • Good written and verbal English skills.


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