Current state of electrolysis technology is not fit to meet the expected demand required for making a dent to the climate crisis. In order for green electrolysis to play a relevant role in alleviating the climate crisis, the capacity needs to ramp up, the technology needs to drastically improve and the costs need to decrease and the usage of expensive and rare materials needs to drastically decrease.

This discussion paper that was co-authored by Oscar Diaz Morales, Emilio Manrique Ambriz and Auke Jisk Kronemeijer provides insight on how TNO at Holst Centre proposes to tackle the rapid upscaling and improved performance electrolyser challenge by making use of high tech thin film technology, previously applied to thin-film electronics, now used to reduce the use of scarce, expensive and critical materials, improve contact area of electrolyser components, and increase the surface area of catalyst layers, among others.