Next-gen Equipment for Batteries and Battery materials

Unlocking the Energy Transition: Dutch Project Revolutionizes New Battery Technology and Manufacturing Processes

Batteries have become the catalyst for driving the energy transition, powering mobility solutions and providing crucial storage capabilities for energy grids. With a relentless pursuit of cost reduction and enhanced battery performance, numerous research and development endeavours are underway to explore innovative battery materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. Embodying this ambition is the pioneering ‘Dutch Next-gen Equipment for Batteries and Battery-materials’ project which is part of the NXTGEN HIGHTECH program.

The Dutch Next-gen Equipment for Batteries and Battery-materials project is a collaborative initiative consisting of TNO at Holst Centre, LeydenJar, E-magy, SALD, Powall, TU Delft, University of Twente, High Tech NL. They are dedicated to propelling the development of cutting-edge battery materials and revolutionizing the manufacturing processes behind next-generation batteries. By harnessing the expertise of industry leaders, researchers, and technology innovators, the project aims to redefine the future of energy storage and pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

LeydenJar: Glovebox for battery integration & testing
A new way to power our world

This ground-breaking project marks a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable and efficient energy solutions. By focusing on advancements in battery materials and manufacturing techniques, the project aims to unleash the full potential of batteries and accelerate the global transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape. In other words: it will change the way we power our world.

The Netherlands has emerged as a leader in the field of battery production technologies, with a particular specialization in ultra-thin spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (sALD) technology. This approach, known for its precision in applying thin nano-layers, has revolutionized battery performance by significantly enhancing stability, extending lifetime, and reducing formation and wetting times during manufacturing.

E-magy: Silicon casting
Value chain battery production

TNO at Holst Centre's role is to ensure that the technologies of the participating companies are successfully developed and aligned with each other. This means that new technical processes have to be developed. In particular processes involving solid state electrolytes and sALD passivation will help the participating companies to gain a new position in the battery manufacturing value chain. Auke Kronemeijer, research manager at TNO in Holst Centre and project leader of the Next-gen Equipment for Batteries and Battery materials project: “This projects enables Holst Centre to accelerate development and implementation of new battery technologies based on Dutch technology and foster sustainable and aligned technological relationships towards a new value chain for battery production in the Netherlands and across Western Europe”.