Building better batteries

The electrification of our society is happening at lightening pace, and with improved battery technology we can truly build a sustainable future. Holst Centre deploys its expertise in thin-film technologies to address current battery challenges.

At Holst Centre we believe that improved batteries are key to a greener, healthier future. Working on both energy storage and generation, we explore ways to improve existing lithium-ion batteries, create innovative new battery architectures and further the development of efficient photovoltaic solar panels. In this way, we provide the building blocks to help reduce carbon emissions and improve people's wellbeing. Rechargeable lithium-based batteries have huge potential: from enabling new generations of wearable and implantable devices to powering electric vehicles or balancing renewable-energy supply and demand.

Next generation battery technology

We continue to develop ways to increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries, such as replacing the graphite anode with lithium foil, integrating a thinner electrolyte, and adding a high-voltage cathode. But these solutions cause drawbacks in other areas, such as material degradation, a shorter lifespan and slower charging speeds. For more than 10 years Holst Centre has been perfecting the application of the spatial atomic layer deposition (sALD) technology. By applying a thin-film passivation layer between the electrodes and the electrolyte, we can avoid the typical drawbacks. The atomic-scale interfacial engineering using sALD allows us to create extremely thin layers on high aspect-ratio structures (100:1) that conformally cover the internal surface area while ensuring excellent layer thickness and homogeneity.

Interface engineering
Custom design

Together we will customize your battery design and work with you to find the right interfacial coating to suit your battery’s specific chemistry. Furthermore, we will help you integrate our roll-to-roll technology directly into your current manufacturing process for a solution that is uniquely yours. We invite you to challenge us and build better batteries together.