Ultrasound transducers

Large-area, flexible transducers for
cost-effective, hands-free monitoring

With our unique thin-film electronics, Holst Centre makes it possible to create much larger transducer arrays than currently available. The ultrasound-on-foil technology allows thousands of individual transducers to be integrated into an adhesive patch, ideal for at-home monitoring and applications where it is critical to image large organs or arteries real-time.

At Holst Centre we have achieved a breakthrough in the quest for a low-cost ultrasound monitoring solution. With this next generation transducers we combine our extensive knowledge on ultrasound technology, printed electronics and health patches, to create a radiation-free medical imaging solution.

Current ultrasound systems require manual manipulation by a highly skilled operator and offer a small field of view. Through a unique, printed architecture, we have created large-area, flexible transducer arrays that reduce operator variability and open the door to hands-free ultrasound systems. The ultrasound-on-foil technology potentially allows millions of individual transducers to be integrated, enabling a wider field of view.

Gel-free solution

The gels used in a traditional ultrasound scan cannot be used in a patch: they leak and dry out. Optimized skin adhesives in the patch provide acoustic impedance matching the human body over extended periods of time.

Ultrasound patches allow high-quality image-based diagnostics and patient monitoring
Piezoelectric pillars

Together with our partners we have developed the first patches based on existing ultrasound technology. The next step is to integrate our own polymer ultrasound transducer with the patch technology. The polymer material that we are using is not new, but by embossing the material we managed to create a 3D structure consisting of many pillars with the right properties.

We are currently looking for material suppliers to further improve this piezoelectric material as well as the skin adhesives. At the same time we work closely together with clinical partners to fully incorporate user feedback and requirements into our solution.