In-mould electronics

Creating multifunctional surfaces with complete design freedom

By embedding intelligence, Holst Centre’s in-mould electronics technology platform transforms everyday plastic objects into enhanced, intuitive user experiences.

Our approach for in-mould electronics is based on a single substrate that contains both graphics and electronics. This smart surface is made into a functional in-mould electronics product through high pressure thermoforming and injection moulding. From razors to car interiors, the approach makes any plastic surface multifunctional, at the same time increasing design freedom, cutting costs and reducing weight. Functions include proximity detection, high-quality illumination and direct touch and force sensing.

Intuitive user interface for automotive based on IMSE
Opening up new possibilities

The hybrid printed electronics technology opens up new possibilities for electronics applications. Combining printed circuits and devices with traditional electronic components like LEDs and chips, it enables large-area, flexible and freeform applications that can be manufactured in high volumes using roll-to-roll printing and assembly processes.

Backside of an IMSE part before overmoulding
Pioneer in printed electronics

As a pioneer of flexible and printed electronics, Holst Centre is at the forefront of hybrid printed electronics developments, with an extensive portfolio of technologies. We are active across the value chain, working closely with material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and end-users to develop the technology and bring it to market.