Stretchable electronics

Enabling comfortable wearables
for vital sign monitoring

As a pioneer of flexible and printed electronics, Holst Centre is at the forefront of hybrid printed electronics developments, offering an extensive portfolio of technologies. Stretchable electronics is one of the most promising innovations, enabling the development of comfortable medical-grade wearables.

There is a strong rise in all kinds of wearable devices that monitor human vital signs, with the purpose of diagnosing illnesses at an early stage. In order for these devices to be comfortably worn, the electronic circuits should be able to adapt to the movement of the human body. And because existing electronic circuits are quite rigid, we have developed stretchable electronics.

Stretchable circuitry
Strong portfolio

Holst Centre has been working on stretchable electronics for over a decade, creating a strong technology and knowledge portfolio in stretchable electronic devices. We have optimised materials and circuit designs, realising devices that kept working reliably, even when the material was stretched up to double-digit percentages.